Regaliaa Realty Ltd., (Formerly Sudsun Housing Development (I) Ltd.), is a founder member of FAIRPRO (Foundation for Fair Practices in Property Development). Fairpro is a non-profit organisation registered as a section 25 guarantee company and is established by property developers to promote fair practices in property development through voluntary submission to a common code of conduct. The Company's Chairman & Managing Director Mr. D. Sudhakara Reddy is a Founder Member of the Governing Council of FAIRPRO.

Membership of Fairpro is open to property developers who have constructed a prescribed built up area of space and:

Are ready to sign a code of conduct.

Are willing to be judged on their conduct by an independent arbitration committee.

Subject themselves to scrutiny by screening committee and governing council.

Introduce standard clauses in their documentation with their customers.

Ensure transparency in all their dealings.

Now Fairpro is part of CREDAI, a national body, representing, the interests of property development companies all across India.

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